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Alton Karan Group from Iran visited our user Campo Medical Imaging Diagnostic Center
Release date:2021-12-08

Our customer Roberto from Alton Karan Group visited Shenzhen Campo Medical Imaging Diagnostic Center last month.


Doctor Wang, the director of this Imaging center welcomed us and accompanied us on the visiting. She gave us a detailed introduction of the imaging center, which cooperates with public hospitals. Patients from public hospitals come to the imaging center for professional impact examination, including MRI,CT, ultrasound and other professional imaging centers.  Our machines in this center are all used in CT and MRI of Cape images. In addition, the public hospital where the director works also uses our Seacrown CT/MRI high-pressure injectors.


The customer asked Doctor Wang if she would recommend our products and what the quality of our products was.  The director said that our equipment has performed very well since it was installed for more than two years, and she is very satisfied with our equipment and tries to recommend our products to customers. She thinks there is no problem in quality and sense of use, which is very excellent.  At the same time, the use of two technicians, also communicated with us that the machine performance is very excellent.  


In the PACS room, two doctors showed us the pictures taken, indicating that the pictures produced by our high-pressure injectors were perfect.  Currently 75% use comes from MRI and 25% from CT.