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Congratulations! HEMA High Frenquency Chest Wall Oscillation installated at Hospital 199 in Vietnam!
Release date:2022-01-07

Recently, HEMA High Frenquency Chest Wall Oscillation was successfully installed by HAIMINH in Vietnam, which will bring good news to the pulmonary rehabilitation treatment of local patients. HAIMINH as one of the well-known professional physical rehabilitation equipment companies in Vietnam, HAIMINH has more than 600 different types of physical therapy and rehabilitation professional products, and has provided services to more than 2500 local institutions and individual customers.

The installation Hospital 199, it was founded in 1999 in Da Nang City. Hospital 199 belongs to the Ministry of Public Security Hospital under the Ministry of Health, and is one of the most prestigious general hospitals in central Vietnam. Up to now, Hospital 199 has 450 beds for inpatient and outpatient treatment with 27 specialties and 5 function rooms with 464 medical staff. 

HEMA High Frenquency Chest Wall Oscillation application in Hospital 199

HEMA High Frenquency Chest Wall Oscillation developed by HEMA for physical therapy of chest and lung patients. HEMA is a high-tech enterprise established in Zhuhai in 1995, integrating production, research and development. For 25 years, it has been committed to becoming the world's leading manufacturer of physical therapy equipment. HEMA High Frenquency Chest Wall Oscillation uses a self-developed low-noise powerful fan and uses physical chest wall gas oscillation methods to deeply act on the sputum in the patient's lungs, effectively alleviating the patient's airway problems. The wearable inverted V-shaped vest design effectively reduces the patient's stomach discomfort during sputum expectoration, and makes the patient more comfortable during use. The machine is also equipped with an oximeter to constantly monitor the patient's blood oxygen index, and the humanized "wire control switch" has the function of one-key shutdown in emergency situations, which doubles the safety of patients in use.

HEMA High Frenquency Chest Wall Oscillation can greatly relieve the patient's lung ventilation obstruction in clinical use, and further reduce the workload of nurses. It is the perfect presentation of chest and lung physical therapy.