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Welcome Brazilian customers to visit our factory again
Release date:2023-08-28

Recently, we warmly welcome Brazilian customers to visit our factory again. It has been 4 years since the last visit. We felt glad to know that all of us keep in good health after the long Covid-19.

During the visit, we introduced the environment of the factory location and production line to them, and our customers thought the factory is well organised.

Moreover, when we introduced the newly-design products and the coming new functions, our customers showed great interest and provide positive feedbacks toward our Seacrown’s R&D team. When we mentioned some brands of scanners that Seacrown’s injectors have worked with, they also wrote down the brands and talked further on it.

Brazilian market is one of our important markets worldwide. Although Brazil is geographically far away from China, through visiting each other and our continuous communication of business, culture, history and language, we have more mutual understanding and will also strengthen our future cooperation.