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Stick to the original intention, grow and cohere together to write a new chapter
Release date:2023-08-01

From July 28th to 29th, 2023, the teams of Seacrown and Sunspring took an unforgettable team-building trip to Dafengmen Scenic Area and Hot Spring Resort.

【Dafengmen Ecological Scenic Spot】
We appreciate the lake that is known as "Kanas Lake in Guangdong". It reflects the green mountains on both sides of the river in the water, which is very beautiful.

When we were rafting in the mountain stream, we can not only wash our faces with a handful of pure river water, but also play water fights, as if we have returned to our childhood. Although rafting is sometimes more exciting than a roller coaster, we are all full of courage. 

【Yunding Hot Spring】
In Yunding Hot Spring Resort Hotel, there are various acteristic dynamic hot spring pools, from hot spring water power pools to pillow massage beds, allowing us to experience different hot spring cultures and leisure concepts and also experience parent-child happy time.

【Driving off-road vehicles】
We also experienced mountain off-road vehicles at the base, and felt thrilling and exciting when we shuttled through the jungle. Friends with good driving skills drifted and galloped here. After driving an off-road vehicle, we have more or less some "special (mud) things (soil)" on the clothes.

【Having Meals Together】
Everyone enjoys the comfort of being healed by food, the power of food cannot be underestimated!

【Ending Words】
This trip has brought our team closer together in joy.
We will join hands to make every day in the future full of motivation and expectation.
Looking forward to our next trip, we will have more beautiful memories together, share joy and success together.