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Concentrate and Move Forward Hand in Hand
Release date:2021-08-03

July is a month of enthusiasm. In order to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, and enrich the cultural life of employees, Seacrown and sister company Sunspring together organized a team building activity to be actively integrated into the big family of the two companies with the theme of “信”好遇见你,携手“普”华章 (Meet you in Searcrown, Compose a new chapter together with Sunspring).

On July 24, 2021, the team building activity officially kicked off. Everyone gathered early, and took the bus to the hot spring resort in Heyuan to start our journey.

*Happy Paddling*

In the hot summer, we enjoyed the happiness of the swimming pool. The adults and children played in the water and enjoy a leisurely and happy time. That was really a happy parent-child activity for sweet family time.

*Gourmet Temptation*

After the outdoor activities in the afternoon, it was a great pleasure to enjoy a delicious meal. Let's cook together, enjoy the delicious food, and share the happiness.

*Amorous Town*

On a new day we came to the Bavarian Manor, a small town full of style and innocence. Here, we sit on the cable car, stroll along the roller coaster, and we can also drive the innocent bumper car and ride the carousel. What infinite joy!

*The End*

This team building activity has narrowed the distance between colleagues, combined individuals into a closer unity. In the future, Searcrown & Sunspring wish to compose a new chapter together.