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A successful CMEF, Spring 2021
Release date:2021-05-17

In the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with the theme of "Innovative Technology, Smart Future", CMEF 2021 Spring (84th China International Medical Equipment Fair) had been grandly opened in Shanghai, which provides a broader platform to help China's medical industry enter the world market.

Seacrown presented various products at CMEF, attracting many interested visitors who stopped by to experience and operate the products, they were all impressed by  our products reasonable desigan, convenient operation, perfect functions, reliable quality and stable performance after experiencing.


Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, overseas customers were unable to come to China and visit our booth, they sent their concerns and greetings through various online forms. Particularly, some overseas customers who were admired but could not come to the site even commissioned their friends in China to come to our booth for inquiries.

This year's CMEF was a great success for Seacrown. Throughout the exhibition, we recepted hundreds of visitors, some with the intention of placing orders on the spot. The exhibition made more people know the Seacrown brand, and at the same time Seacrown went further into the world market.

We look forward to the next CMEF without the COVID-19 pandemic and to meeting many overseas friends at Seacrown's booth!