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Hema highlighting the ISMST international shockwave conference
Release date:2019-05-31

On May 23, 2019, the 22nd International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST) conference & the third international sports injury prevention and first aid forum were held in Beijing Kuntai Hotel.This is the first time that the ISMST summit was held in Chinese mainland.The shockwave expert and medical worker from all over the world have held a grand celebration.

The ISMST was founded in Vienna, Austria on December 12, 1997. Its founding members include Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Slovakia and Spain. The purpose of ISMST is to promote the research and development of extracorporeal shockwave treatment in Europe. Since 2009, ISMST has added the content of "Certification Course". Now it has become the standard education course of extracorporeal shockwave treatment, which popularizes the concept of shockwave treatment as a whole and improves the quality of shockwave treatment.




Several well-known experts at home and abroad delivered speeches


Xing gengyan, chairman of the ISMST, gave a warm welcome to medical workers from all over the world, and talked about the research achievements and clinical treatment cases of shockwave medicine in China. ISMST held its first annual meeting in China since its establishment, which is the recognition of international academic circles for China's achievements in shockwave research and application. This conference not only provides Chinese experts and scholars with international exchange opportunities, but also enables more Chinese voices to appear on the international academic stage. ISMST certification course is a standardized shockwave course training, which is conducive to the development of clinical shockwave technology and the improvement of shockwave treatment effect.

Cai Le, deputy general manager of Zhuhai Hema medical instruments, introduced and explained our self-developed extracorporeal shockwave treatment system on the stage of the conference, and showed the elegant demeanor of "made in China" to experts and scholars all over the world, and won warm applause.

The successful holding of this ISMST certification course shows the development status of advanced technology and clinical application of shockwave treatment, strengthens the academic exchange of shockwave at home and abroad, and improves the level of diagnosis and treatment of shockwave disease.


Zhuhai Hema exhibition booth


Sales staff introduce extracorporeal shockwave to visitors

Visitors experienced shockwave treatment and felt comfortable with remarkable effect


In this conference, Zhuhai Hema booth was pVarticularly eye-catching. Whether you want to feel the m of shockwave "gathering and dispersing in a proper way, each has its own strengths", or you want to learn about shockwave treatment guided by musculoskeletal ultrasound, or experience the instant therapeutic effect of shockwave, Zhuhai Hema can achieve what you want.



Group photo with visiting guests


The international academic conference fully displays the research achievements in the field of shockwave medicine in recent years in China, improves the new level of shockwave treatment in China, promotes the innovation and research in the field of shockwave medicine and strengthens the academic exchanges between domestic and foreign related disciplines. At the same time, it also provides a high-quality platform for experts and scholars in the field of shockwave medicine, and plays an important role in promoting the application of this new technology in multidisciplinary fields.